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Cable Repair Kit

Cable Repair Kit
    (4.5) 4 Reviews
    Part Number: 5524008
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    Broken throttle cable
    Broken throttle cable

    Cable Repair Kit

    A broken cable can bring a good ride to a screeching halt. If it happens in the middle of nowhere there's not much that can be done. Bringing this kit along, however can save the day. The kit includes an assortment of cables and fittings that can get you back on the road again. Everything fits inside a little 2 1/2" x 3/4" metal can, which can be worth its weight in gold if ever needed.

    This item fits the following:

    • BMW R100 RT Monolever (88-95)
    • BMW R65 (78-84)
    • BMW R80 Monolever
    • BMW R100 GS P/D
    • BMW R80 G/S
    • BMW R100 RS Monolever (88-93)
    • BMW R80 RT Monolever (85-87)
    • R100 R & Mystic
    • BMW R80 ST
    • BMW R65 LS
    • BMW R75/5
    • BMW R50/5 - R60/5
    • BMW R65 Monolever
    • BMW R100 GS (88-90)
    • BMW R100 GS (91-95)
    • BMW R45
    • BMW R100 RT (79 - 80)
    • BMW R100 RS (81 - 84)
    • BMW R100 S (77 - 80)
    • BMW R75/7 AND R80/7
    • BMW R100 RT (81 - 84)
    • BMW R100 RS (77 - 80)
    • BMW R100 CS (81 - 84)
    • BMW R80 RT (82-84)
    • BMW R100/7
    • BMW R90S (74 - 76)
    • BMW R90/6
    • BMW R75/6
    • BMW R60/6

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    (4.5) 4 Reviews
    Cable Repair Kit
    I've not had to use this handy little kit, but I'm glad to know it's in the tank bag if I ever do. Very complete kit for any cable repair.
    It will do the job but...
    brian mckinney
    It's good to have for an emergency repair but you will need to take the defective cable out of it's plastic housing and thread this through to complete the repair. Better to purchase an carry a spare cable w/housing included. no instructions on how to use.
    If I worked for Wunderlich...
    This is a great and must have "be prepared" product (5 stars for the product itself) but now that I have it, I am thinking... "ok fine, I've got that part covered but what tool(s) if any will I need to replace the cable and how do I replace it?" A "tools you will need" or set of instructions emailed to me with my order confirmation would be best. And that is what I would do if I worked at Wunderlich.
    Cable Repair Kit
    I bought the cable repair kit as a precaution, didn't us it yet and hope I will never do but for the size and piece of mind, why not.

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