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3.5 Liter Deep Oil Pan

3.5 Liter Deep Oil Pan
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    3.5 Liter Deep Oil Pan

    This deep oil pan is a solid aluminum casting and a direct replacement for the original. It increases your bike's oil capacity to 3.5 liters, which is 1 to 1-1/2 liters more than stock depending on which original oil pan you have. More is better when it comes to oil. It will help keep your bike running cooler and the oil will be less stressed and will keep its lubrication qualities longer.

    You will be amazed by the quality of this part! It is as good or better than the part that it replaces and it has the appearance of an original part with the benefits of increased oil capacity.

    You will need a new oil pan gasket when installing this part. We also suggest using gasgacinch to form a perfect seal. Both are sold separately. You will also need a new drain plug seal ring and now would be the perfect time to install a magnetic drain plug, if you don't already have one.

    Please Note: When installing this on a /5, /6 or /7, (models up to 1980) you will need to remove or relocate the upper cross brace for the center stand. This is not necessary on 1981 and later models.

    This item fits the following:

    • BMW R80 RT (82-84)
    • BMW R100 CS (81 - 84)
    • BMW R75/7 AND R80/7
    • BMW R100 RT (81 - 84)
    • BMW R65 LS
    • BMW R65 (78-84)
    • BMW R80 ST
    • BMW R100 RT Monolever (88-95)
    • BMW R100 RS Monolever (88-93)
    • BMW R80 Monolever
    • BMW R80 G/S
    • R100 R & Mystic
    • BMW R50/5 - R60/5
    • BMW R100 GS (88-90)
    • BMW R100 RS (81 - 84)
    • BMW R100 GS (91-95)
    • BMW R100 RT (79 - 80)
    • BMW R100 GS P/D
    • BMW R45
    • BMW R80 RT Monolever (85-87)
    • BMW R65 Monolever
    • BMW R75/5
    • BMW R60/6
    • BMW R90S (74 - 76)
    • BMW R90/6
    • BMW R100 S (77 - 80)
    • BMW R100 RS (77 - 80)
    • BMW R100/7
    • BMW R75/6

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