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Fuel Valve, Everbest

Fuel Valve, Everbest
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    Fuel Valve, Everbest

    /5, /6, R90 S (up to 1974)**

    The Everbest fuel valves were original equipment on /5 and early /6 plus R90 S models as well as the post war singles, R24, R25, R26 and R27. The originals were prone to leakage and consequently, because no replacement parts were available in prior years, many originals were discarded and replaced with the newer Karcoma fuel valves. If you own one of these bikes, then no matter how painstakingly restored or original it might be, without an Everbest fuel valve, it's not quite complete. While the later model fuel valves work just fine, these have the classic appearance and belong on the older models. This is a top quality reproduction of the original with internal seals that are made of modern, fuel compatible materials.

    The Original Everbest fuel valves were made by a company called EVEGA in Nuremberg. Karkoma (then Karco-Armaturenwerk) purchased EVEGA in 1962 and continued to supply this style valve to BMW up to approximately 1975, at which time the newer, re-build able fuel valves from Germa or Karcoma were substituted, but those lack the cool style of the original Everbest .

    We also offer the dual outlet Everbest fuel valves which were installed on Pre-1970 twins such as the R50, R60 and R69 models.

    **Please Note: These fuel valves will also fit all BMW Airhead models. The models and years specified above only refer to when these fuel valves were originally installed. The beautiful shape and art Deco Styling will look great on later models too.

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