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Kukko Puller

Kukko Puller
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    Kukko Puller
    Kukko Puller
    Kukko Puller
    Kukko Puller

    Kukko is a leading German manufacturer of bearing pullers, manufacturing the highest quality tools from first rate materials.

    The puller support is designed to be used in conjunction with various sized Kukko bearing pullers, which are sold individually. The pullers have a wedge shaped center stud. As the nut on the top of the puller is tightened, the wedge forces the puller jaws apart creating a firm and solid contact with the bearing, even if very little of the bearing is exposed. The support is then attached to the puller and it spans the area around the bearing. As the nut on the support is tightened, the bearing is pulled straight out with minimal effort and without damage to the component.

    This is the same tool sold by BMW to workshops around the world and it is the equivalent of the BMW factory special tool.

    These tools allow the removal of the steering head bearing outer races, wheel bearings and swing arm bearings easy and fast, without causing any damage to the frame, wheel or swing arm.

    Here's what each component does:

    • 22-2 Support: This tool is needed in any case and it pushes against the area surrounding the bearing allowing the bearing race to be pulled out.
    • 21-2 Puller: This puller has a span from 14 - 19mm. It is perfect for removing the swing arm bearings of many models including 81-on airheads, K75, K100 and K1100 models..
    • 21-4 Puller: This puller has a span from 20 - 30mm. This one works well for extracting the wheel bearings on many models.
    • 21-5 Puller: This puller has a span from 28 - 40mm. Suitable for removing the outer swing arm bearing races and wheel bearings of all models from /5 up to 1980 model year.
    • 21-6 Puller: This puller has a span from 35 - 46mm. This puller removes the outer steering head bearing races on all BMW models with conventional front suspension. The job is nearly impossible without this tool.

    The sizes that we offer are those that have an application in the repair of BMW motorcycles. If you have a need for different sized pullers, please contact us. We can special order additional sizes for you.

    • For pulling outer bearing races

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