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Final Drive Rebuild 1970 to 1995

Final Drive Rebuild 1970 to 1995

    Final Drive Rebuild and Restorations 1970-1995

    We offer full final drive service on all airheads from 1970 to 1995. As we all know, keeping a well maintained airhead will ensure its longevity and keep you on the road. Don't neglect a leaky seal or a gear whine because it will do nothing but cost you more down the road. This is the easiest component to remove from the bike and it requires no special tools or stands (as long as you have a center stand). If you need assistance on how to remove it from the bike, please contact us.

    We offer a couple different final drive services. You can send them in for a reseal, rebuild or a complete restoration (vapor blasted case and new hardware). Pricing varies on the year and condition of the parts that we start with. To receive a more accurate quote, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you will an estimate.

    Every Final drive that passes though Plam Werks receives the following.

    •  Fully disassembled and cleaned in solvent thoroughly
    • All gears inspected for wear and cleaned
    • All bearings inspected
    • Seals and gasket replaced
    • Backlash measured
    • Pinion and ring gear wear pattern inspected
    • Re-shimming of cover

    Additional Services:                                                              

    • Case Vapor Blasting $100.00 | Bring your case back to brand new condition
    • Drive gear replacement (1970-1984)

    If your final drive requires further attention then we will have to charge accordingly. We charge $100.00 an hour and have all the parts in stock. You will be contacted before any work is performed.

    *** Prices are based on standard rebuild jobs. Costs can vary depending on condition or parts that need to be replaced. We do not seal final drives that demand new gears/parts to be replaced. It keeps them from ever coming back!***

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