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Bottom End Rebuild

Bottom End Rebuild

    Short Block Restoration Service for BMW Boxers from 1970 to 1995.

    This is for the person who likes to do some of the work themselves. The top end of a boxer can be removed with the tools found under your seat. The bottom end requires many BMW special tools and knowledge to pull the crank out, replace bearings, check end float, and to properly reassemble. If you want to restore your own engine but don't have the proper tools, send us your short block and you will be blown away with what gets sent back! It will make you want to send us the rest of your parts! We stock all parts to complete this service and can have it turned around in typically two weeks.

    We start by mounting your engine to our stand and fully disassemble the motor. We take them all the way down. That means crank, crank bearings, oil galley plugs, all studs, engine breather valve and even the freeze plugs on the flywheel size of the engine. All that's left is the aluminum casting. The main reason for our complete disassembly is to ensure that all the oil passages are completely open up before we begin our cleaning process. The absolute last thing we want is any derbies or grit to be left behind.

    The block is now thoroughly degreased in our solvent tank and the oil passages are pressure rinsed. Now it's off to our enhanced vapor blasting machine, this is where the block comes back to life. Vapor Blasting is very soft on the aluminum and doesn't remove material or disturb the bearing surfaces. It also peens the pores and completely seals the surface so the restoration will last for years to come. From our experience, it's the absolute only way to properly restore an engine, transmission or final drive. Please view our Vapor Blasting Page for more information.

    Once the block is vapor blasted, it's then remounted to our stand and thoroughly pressure rinsed to remove any media from the block. The block is then heated up and then rinsed for the second time, the heat opens the pours and this is our last check to make sure everything has been removed. Once it's complete, it's off to our build room.

    We start by inspecting the crank for the proper main bearings. The case is heated up and we press in a new rear main bearing. We then take our first end float measurement to get the appropriate inner thrust washer established. Once that is in spec, we replace the main bearing on the front crank support and reassemble the front of the engine, cam and timing. We always replace the chain, tensioner, spring, guide, and anything else that is not serviceable.

    Once the oil pump is buttoned up and the flywheel is torqued we double check our end float on last time and prepare the engine for transportation.

    We only rebuild engines one way, the correct way. Our pricing all depends on the condition of the engine block and what needs to be replaced. We spend roughly 8 to 12 hours on an engine block from start to finish and every bearing is replaced. Our work speaks for itself and our short block overhauls are a great starting point for someone who what to restore an engine themselves. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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