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Final Drive Spline Repair 1970-1984

Final Drive Spline Repair 1970-1984

    Final Drive Spine replacement, dual shock models (1970-1984)

    It's very common that the spines on the drive gear become worn out over time, leaving you stranded or casing further unwanted damage. Sometimes you have two options, you could either purchase a new ring and pinion gear set from BMW. They're not cheap but some gearing ratios are still available, but not all of them. A more cost effective way to complete the same repair is to install our final drive spline (3312100) to your ring gear. We can make this repair for you in two separate ways, you can send us your complete final drive (this is recommended because the cover will need to be shimmed during assembly and back lash will also need to be checked), or you can pull the ring gear and send it to us for the repair.

    Ring Gear by itself -       Parts and labor $319.95

    Complete final drive -   Parts and labor start at $649.00 includes seals and re-shimming

    The final drive will need to be fully disassembled. With the ring gear removed and the bearings pulled off we are now ready to remove the weld. After the original weld has been turned off in a lathe, the entire spline shaft can be pressed out of the ring gear. Then, this high quality replacement shaft is pressed into the ring gear. The shaft is manufactured of the same material as the ring gear, so this new part and the original ring gear can be welded together perfectly. Once the repair is complete, the ring and pinion gear will need to be shimmed to complete the repair. This would be the best time to inspect all of the bearing and even overhaul the final drive. Additional parts and time will

    This repair is for all BMW dual shock models 1970-1984.

    If your final drive requires further attention then we will have to charge accordingly. We charge $100.00 an hour and have all the parts in stock. You will be contacted before any work is performed.

    *** Prices are based on standard rebuild jobs. Costs can vary depending on condition or parts that need to be replaced. We do not seal final drives that demand new gears/parts to be replaced. It keeps them from ever coming back!*****

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