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Restoration Projects- Motorcycles are Immortal

Many of us can think back to a time when we once had that car or bike in days gone by and if only we had kept it....maybe you still own that old BMW motorcycle and it is sitting in the corner of the shed or garage, somewhat neglected. If not, luckily there are still plenty of old BMWs to be found. Maybe one just like, or very similar to the one that you once rode. Ebay, craigslist or the local papers are just some sources to find an old BMW. Maybe you know someone in your neighborhood who has been holding on to that classic bike but as time has passed by, those dreams of getting the old machine back on the road never materialized. Seize the opportunity! None of us are getting any younger and time marches on at an ever alarming rate.

There is possibly no greater joy than restoring a motorcycle with character to its original condition. By doing so, you could have something that you can enjoy throughout the restoration process and thereafter enjoy riding and maintaining. Then as the years advance, you will have created a true legacy and a machine for future generations to enjoy.

This concept is so much more valuable and gratifying than many other hobbies or collections that one might pursue. BMW motorcycles from 1970 onward make an ideal restoration project as they are first and foremost very cool, relatively simple, easy to comprehend, and most every part is readily available. The result of your efforts can be a custom Cafè bike, a mechanically sound machine in original condition or a full tilt, ground up technically correct restoration. All options are open.

Here at we have a few bikes in various states of disrepair and in the months and years to come, we'll be developing this section of our web site to show you what we are doing and perhaps provide you with some useful ideas and / or motivation.

Current Project

R90/6 The Score

Follow along as we take a 1974 BMW R90/6 from the barn to the workshop to the open road. Learn the tips & tricks from the pros on restoring your own classic Boxer 2 Valve!


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