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Dual Headlight R100 GS 1991-0n

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    • Part # 6312600
      Dual Headlight R100 GS 1991-0n

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    Dual Headlight R100 GS 1991-0n

    For R100 GS PD and R100 GS beginning with model year 1991.

    This dual headlight setup is a direct replacement for the original H4 unit. The lights are 9cm or 3-1/2" in diameter. One lamp uses an H4 bulb and functions as the low beam as well as one high beam, plus it houses the parking lamp. The other lamp switches on as the high beam only and utilizes an H7 55w bulb.

    This light offers superior high beam performance than the stock unit and it is a good alternative to the very expensive original replacement, if you have a broken or cracked headlamp.

    The lights are held in place by a multi layer aluminum construction. Stainless steel hardware is used and all wiring and bulbs are included. The original adjustment mechanism is retained.


    Chris Nolan
    Verified Buyer
    Dual Headlight Review
    The reason for the replacement of the big square light was because I found out the hard way that it is better to have n+1 headlight bulbs late one dark October night. I was concerned that the look might not be authentic on the iconic bike, too. But after years of consideration, I like the look a lot. The fitment is perfect. I also set it to have both lights on all the time as it fit two LEDs with heat sinks. (Still lower draw than one incandescent). The white wire comes engulfed with electrical tape like they meant it to never come off, but a sharp knife and tenacity resolved that, and confirmation with the instructions that is what the wire was for was appropriately written in German, too. I did have to modify the left hand rubber cover and the wires to fit the LED, but easy enough to do to fit the bulb through. It would have been nice to have instructions in English, but between Google and my Germanesque named wife, Heidi, the instructions were translated but not all that necessary. The unit does come assembled and it is totally necessary to disassemble it to fit it in the bike without removing the crash bars. Yeah, I tried not following the instructions, first, of course. Easy to do. I did use locktite on the screws for reassembly. It was nice that the three plastic holder nut things were provided so less care can be taken without sorry on the old headlamps removal. Connecting the lights was super easy as it uses the original connector to the H4. Switching out the park light bulb with LED was easy too, once pulled from the casing. Different bulb than the stock bulb though, so whatever a Mini Cooper 10s running light bulb is, that fit and works well. As I write this, I have yet to try it at night, however, I now have two bulbs instead of one, and when I switched the single square to LED, hi beam left a black hole. Now with two on, I highly suspect the H4s hi beam LED black hole in the center will be nicely filled by the H7s constant output. Again, fitment great. Quality components. Decent instructions once translated. Bars need not be removed but best to undo the sides of the front cowling and directionals. Original light screen refit back in place without issue.

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