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Plam Werks Suspension Repair

Suspension Services

ÖHLINS Suspension Service by Plam Werks is not limited to BMW, but we offer services to anyone utilizing Öhlins products on their motorcycles. Plam Werks' master technician, Matthew Hickson, has nearly 15 years of experience as a Senior Öhlins Suspension Tech in their state of the art suspension lab. This includes working in the North American headquarters, training at Öhlins in Swedish, as well as important time in the race paddock of AMA Superbike and MX series. During this time, Matt assisted with design, testing, and production of numerous innovative Öhlins products. Matt has been hands-on in servicing thousands of shocks, for street, dirt, and track, across all the major motorcycle manufactures. Bring any of your Öhlins forks, shocks, or steering dampers to our shop for regular maintenance, minor tune-up, full rebuild, or custom tuning.

Part of the beauty of this Swedish suspension is that it is designed to be completely rebuilt and it always has been since 1976. The shock oil and the moving parts inside your shock wear out as your miles tick by. Unlike engine lubricants, the oil in your shock is what gives the unit its hydraulic control, and therefore the ride quality. Little by little, that performance and control decreases as the oil loses its viscosity. Getting service at regular intervals from Plam Werks and we will restore it to the new-out-of-the box feel that you fondly remember.

The Process: Plam Werks' master technician first does an external inspection, checking for leaks, wear and general overall condition of the item. Once the inspection is complete the shock is disassembled and the internals are examined for wear or fatigue. This is followed by a complete cleaning of all components and determination of which materials may require replacement. A re-assembly is done using only high quality Ohlins suspension oil, grease, and parts. Then the parts are assembled, torqued to spec, and recharged with nitrogen. If necessary, a spring will be selected to each individual's weight and riding style, installed and preloaded, including all the all the adjuster settings. Once completed, the shock goes through final testing prior to being sent back to you and arrives ready to ride!

Custom Suspension Products

Unfortunately Öhlins shocks are not one-size fits all. Plam Werks offers a solution - custom produced Öhlins suspension that is modified to fit you vintage Airhead for each model/year. We have 3 different levels of the shocks that fit all models from 1970-1984.

Our experienced engineering team has created a range of products to fit and enhance your vintage motorcycle. The suspension units can be customized to each rider's weight and riding style. These products are fully adjustable, include a piggy-back reservoir, and enhance both the look and performance of your ride. All Plam Werks shocks are supplied to the model/year standard length, but can be ordered to different lengths so assist rider in changing the overall riding dynamics of their bike.

Improving your suspension not only is performance based, but has the added benefit of offering additional control and safety. Our products are no compromise products, that will enhance your riding experience. They assist in dealing with road surface irregularities, small and large bumps, as well as reducing your braking distance. The hardware comes directly from Ohlins USA, which coincidentally is just down the street, then assembled, tuned, and customized at our in-house suspension shop to your specifications.

Standard Custom Work:

  • Personalized Spring Selection
  • Custom Shock Lengths
  • Custom Shock Mounts
  • Re-Valving and Shim Stacks
  • Preload-Compression-Rebound Clicker Settings
  • Bushings & Seals

Custom Shocks

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