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Plam Werks Full Restorations

Full Restoration & Restoration Assistance

At Plam Werks, we take your classic BMW Airhead and provide you with restoration services that range from "daily driver" up to "Concours" level builds. You are welcome to throw your bike in a trailer and come directly to us in Hendersonville, NC - enabling us to sit down and go through the bike together. If you would rather send us your project, we can provide you with a bike crate, as well as assisting you with shipping the bike both ways. Our shipping department sends out BMW parts worldwide daily. We understand the drill; negotiating the best rates and arranging transport door to door.

Once in our fully-equipped shop, were we have all the special tools - and more importantly the knowledge to use them - the mechanics at Plam Werks will bring your motorcycle back to life.

Plam Werks will careful disassemble your bike, starting the restoration process with an external inspection of the parts, checking for wear and overall condition of each item. This is followed by a complete cleaning, disassembly, and examination of all the internals. Our master technicians inventory the parts, listing reusable items and what needs to be replaced. Plam Werks is fortunate to be housed literally inside of Boxer2Valve's parts warehouse. We can easily grab any replacement parts needed, both OEM and after-market depending on the restoration level desired.

Once fully inspected, the team then starts breaking down the major components of the bike: engine, transmission, final drive, brakes, suspension, until they are left with a bare frame. Our engines are rebuilt in their entirety, leaving them looking and operating as if it came straight out of the BMW factory. This means all new bearings, gaskets, and seals; as well as correcting damage such as cylinder and piston wear, valve wear, damaged shift forks, broken cooling fins, etc. We are experts in reversing decades of engine and transmission damage. The chassis will get the same treatment with all new bearings, bushings, and seals. Common items such as tires, battery, head bearings, swing arm bushings, wheel bearings and seals, and fork seals will all be replaced. Each part is brought back to OEM condition, including fit and finish, reconditioning each piece, sanding, vapor blasting, refinishing, powder coating, and paint. In short, nothing on the motorcycle, down to the valve caps on your wheels, will go untouched.

Once all the parts have been cleaned, service, and reassembled - Plam Werks starts the process of bring your bike back to life. The bike is put back together with high quality Liqui Moly oils and grease. All parts are bench tested then installed at BMW torque specifications. Once completed, the restored motorcycle goes through an extensive set of quality control measures prior to being put back in the crate. All of this attention to detail means that once it arrives back on your doorstep, it will be ready to go to your local bike show, or out on ride!

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