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Plam Werks Vapor Blasting

Vapor Blasting

Vapor blasting, also known as wet blasting or liquid honing, is a metal finishing process, just like polishing, anodizing, or plating. It was developed during the Second World War in England, it was originally created surface tension in precision parts to strengthen them. Rolls Royce used it as well to strengthen turbine blades before assembly into jet engines in the early 40’s.

From our restoration experience, this is absolutely the only way to properly prep engines, final drives and transmission cases for ground up restorations. Our process uses the finest made French ceramic microbeads, oil/grease detergent, rust inhibitor, and high pressured air. All of these compounds are mixed into a slurry and propelled at high speed toward the casting surface or metal part we are reviving.

The water element of the slurry provides a hydraulic cushioning effect to soften the microbead’s impact on the metal’s surface. Working together, they provide a gentle, and somewhat time consuming process that peens the metal surface and leaves a bright lustrous satin finish. The peening process is what an old casting needs. It removes all of the grease and built up oxidation from the years and give you a soft finish that seals the pores and eliminates unwanted oxidation or corrosion in the future. It’s the proper way to preserve parts from the past and the only way to professionally restore and component or motorcycle.

Finishes vary from alloy to alloy and manufacturer to manufacturer, but BMW casting always comes out beautiful, as long as the parts we are prepping are serviceable.

We specialize in all BMW Boxers From 1970-1995, however, vapor blasting is available for many other makes and models. If you’re ready for us to help revive your project, please fill out the vapor blasting order form at the bottom of this page. Once you have submitted the form, please print and include a copy of the form in the package so there is no confusion when the parts show up. Please remove as much oil and grease from the parts as well as gaskets and sealants prior to shipping so we can get right to work. There is an additional fee on all extra prep work that will need to be done prior to vapor blasting. Turnaround is very quick as long as the form is filled out and submitted to us prior to shipping . This will allow us enough time to put you on the schedule and be ready for your parts the day they show up. We can typically turn around a batch of parts in 48 hours from the time it is delivered. If you ever have any questions about your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Vapor Blasting

The bottom line is that if you’re in the process of a restoration or resto-mod, you have already spent many hours and a small fortune. This process is going to be a big part of the bikes appearance. The airhead engine is an art piece. If you’re as passionate about your Beemer as we are, let us help you restore it, the way it should be done.

NOTE: Please fill out our Contact Us form below for a cost estimate on your Vapor Blasting project

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