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Plam Werks Custom Builds

Classic Bikes into Custom Builds

How do you take that factory stock bike into that custom head-turning two-wheeled icon? There are a lot of soft and hard skills you need to build a custom bike.

At Plam Werks, we provide you with all the options to make classic BMW Airhead a bike that fits your needs. Ranging from a stripped down "Cafe Racer" to off-road ready "Scrambler" the builds are only limited by your imagination. You are welcome to throw your bike in a trailer and come directly to us in Hendersonville, NC - enabling us to sit down and go through the bike together. If you would rather send us your project, we can provide you with a bike crate, as well as assisting you with shipping the bike both ways. Our shipping department sends out BMW parts worldwide daily. We understand the drill; negotiating the best rates and arranging transport door to door.

Once in our fully-equipped shop, were we have all the special tools - and more importantly the knowledge to use them - the mechanics at Plam Werks will bring your motorcycle back to life.

Plam Werks will careful disassemble your bike, starting the Custom Build process with an external inspection of the parts, checking for wear and overall condition of each item. This is followed by a complete cleaning, disassembly, and examination of all the internals. Our master technicians inventory the parts, listing reusable items and what needs to be updated based on the needs of the project. Plam Werks is fortunate to be housed literally inside of Boxer2Valve's parts warehouse. We can easily grab any replacement parts needed, both OEM and after-market, as well as a fully function fabrication lab where our fabricators work their magic producing one-off gems for your specific need.

The engine may be rebuilt or Plam Werks can source a donor unit. We have been over to the Siebenrock's Performance Shop in Germany, and have years of experience utilizing their performance upgrades. This includes big-bore kits that increase the displacement, torque, and horsepower of your power plant. Plam Werks can provide or design specially shaped pistons, high-stability connecting rods, asymmetrical camshafts, wrist pins, and pushrod tubes to work with the enhancements. All our parts work in unison to provide more usable torque at the low end, and power at the top end, leaving you with everything you need throughout the power band.

Increasing power is only the first step. Plam Werks suspension tech can build custom build Öhlins front and rear to keep your wheels planted on the ground. We also have the knowledge to retrofit modern Brembo brakes onto your classic rebuild to give you the confidence and control to manage your new build.

If requested, Plam Werks can adjust the steering angles, trail/rake, wheelbase, as well as stretching or chopping your backbone and downtube. These adjustment not only provide a visual differences from stock, but can increase the performance based on your individual riding style.

Once all the parts have been cleaned, service, and reassembled - Plam Werks starts the process of bring your bike back to life. The bike is put back together with high quality Liqui Moly oils and grease. All parts are bench tested then installed at BMW torque specifications. Once completed, the Custom Build goes through an extensive set of quality control measures prior to being put back in the crate. All of this attention to detail means that once it arrives back on your doorstep, it will be ready to go to your local bike show, or out on ride!

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