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Handlebar Bag, Media Edition
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      Handlebar Bag, Media Edition

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    Handlebar Bag, Media Edition

    This handlebar bag is the latest, improved version and it now features a very useful clear PVC compartment for the convenient storage and operation of Multimedia devices. The iPhone fits with room to spare and so does any other phone up to these approximate dimensions: 145 x 80 x 10mm

    This highly functional bar bag was developed especially for BMW models. A great way to utilize all of the available space. For everything that has to be ready to hand and also perfectly guarded.

    Easy to open compartments with extra pockets and additional storage places for pens, credit cards and more. The main compartment is sealed with a water resistant zipper. Furthermore, the bag has an E-Connect-input (water resistant cable access) so that mobile phones can be charged on the way. An integrated strengthening, a shock-absorbing lining and a complex multi-layer structure provide more stability.

    Details of the BarBag Media:

    • Media slot for devices with Version L to about 145 x 80 x 10mm (HxWxD) - eg: iPhone 5/6, Samsung 5/6 etc.
    • Useful clear PVC compartment for the operation of Multimedia devices
    • Easy-to-open lid with Velcro-fasteners
    • Sensible additional functions integrated into the underside of the lid.
    • Large main compartment that keeps its shape even when empty.
    • Quick-release fastening system: fits over the headset by means of adjustable Velcro strap.
    • Fits on many BMW handlebars.
    • Design by Nicolas Petit.
    • Water-repellent and dirt-resistant zippers.
    • E-CONNECT input (water resistant cable input) for audio equipment and/or chargers. So the devices in the bag can be charged and protected at the same time.
    • Lined walls and floor protect the contents from vibration and prevent bulging/wobbling.
    • Inclusive belt loop
    • Blue lining.
    • Water resistant, Teflon-coated CORDURA.
    • Tough, hard-wearing and not subject to fading.
    • Zipper with large rubber tag for easy grip



    Michael Callahan
    Verified Buyer
    Handlebar Bag, Media
    I have one of these on my '14 GSA and ordered a new one form my '18. It's a quality product that doesn't take up much room and fulfills my charging needs for my iPhone plus holding a few, often used items.

    Kent Foster
    Verified Buyer
    Works great for daily ride
    This bag replaced my tank bag. I like less vision clutter, quicker gas-stops and the bag comes off easily when taking a hike or a meal break. It holds everything you need for a day trip. Quality construction however the fastening straps could use a bit of engineering.

    sean mcginness
    Verified Buyer
    Not that great
    I purchased the media edition. The product description says a large will fit an iPhone6. It really doesn’t. You can cram it in there but it will not sit close enough to the plastic window to allow me to operate the phone. Also, the assessory strap was not included. Beyond those discrepancies with the item description, I don’t think the product is well made. The Velcro straps that are designed to hold the bag to the bar do instill confidence. Furthermore, I tried contacting Wonderlict to arrange for a return shipping label, they have so far ignored my request. I have not problem spending money for the “good stuff”. I expect high quality, accurate item descriptions and good customer service. Wunderlich has none of the above in my experience.

    Verified Buyer
    Fits nicely on 2008 KTM 990 Super Duke R
    This bag will be used on my 2008 KTM Super Duke R 990. Although it was not made specifically for this motorcycle, it fits very nicely. The only place it touches the motorcycle that I wish it didn't is the front brake reservoir, and that is very minor. I plan to resolve that problem by finding a bracket that can move the reservoir outboard and forward slightly. Instruments are clearly visible and the bag does not rub on the tank. My regular Samsung Galaxy S8 fits in the top window nicely, and the plastic reinforcement along the bottom of the bag helps it stay in place and keep from deforming. Craftsmanship and design of this bag are very nice. I looked at many bags before buying this one, and I am very happy with it.

    Verified Buyer
    Works well with Africa Twin with slight mod
    The bag works well on my Africa Twin, but I had to make a slight modification to secure it with all four straps. The outer two straps are long enough to wrap around, but the inner two straps are not long enough to reach around sufficiently. So, I cut some adhesive backed Velcro to the shape of the ends of the outer straps and stuck them onto the top of the straps. The adhesive alone would not hold, so I stapled the patches onto the straps. That did the trick. So, now I secure the outer straps, and then secure the inner straps onto the backs of the outer straps. I position the bag opposite that shown in the photos, with the flap facing backward and the USB cable pass-through facing forward. This actually works better for me, as my USB outlet (power socket accessory) is positioned at the front of the bike. I agree with another reviewer that the phone would overheat in the plastic window on a warm day, so the fact that it's way too small for my Note 5 is no problem. My main objective is to have a way to keep the phone charged and a place to store small items. Like other reviewers, I would suggest that Wunderlich make the straps just a little longer to better accommodate a wider range of bikes. I would also like to see some inner pockets in this particular model.

    Nice bag for small items
    This handlebar bag works fine for your sunglasses, cleaning rag, pen, paper, and other small items. Don't plan on adding maps or any bulky items to it.

    David Little
    Nice alternative to a tank bag.
    This is a really nice alternative to a tank bag if you are not needing a large bag. This is large enough to hold sunglasses, insurance card, owners manual, etc. And other miscellaneous items. Like another reviewer, I mounted mine with the flap closure pointing to the front of my bike, however that is not much of an issue. Good quality.

    Charles Garalis
    Check your size!!!!
    Caution. There are two different sized of this item. This is the larger one. I have a K1600GTL. It's WAY too large. I would return it except I already cut the hole in the back and removed the tags. So, I made a $100 donation to Wunderlich. You're welcome. Why in the world they aren't both posted together so you can see that there are two is beyond me.

    Good addition.....but.
    Found bar bag to be just what I needed to keep the smaller knick knacks nearby. Sunglasses, tire pressure gauge, pocket knife etc. The problem I found though was the phone pocket was a little small. I had to really squeeze in my LG G3 and then I found the glare from the sun made the screen unreadable and in 33c heat my phone continually overheated and shutdown to avoid potential damage. Overall this bag is very useful and well built but spending the extra money for the media version just wasn't worth it.

    Pablo Riquelme
    Excelent product
    Works just as I expected. Easy to mount and dismount, and very comfortable to carry arroud with the strap

    John Atkinson
    Perfect for knicknacks
    I got this as an afterthought, but has been a great farkle. It mounts super easy with the Velcro tabs. Keep flashlight, sunglasses, phone and little odds and ends in it. A keeper for sure.

    Bill Puckett
    phone pocket TOO small
    Good bag, haven't ridden in the rain with it but it looks to be waterproof. Handy and not in the way as tank bags can be. Only a couple of things, the straps that hold it on are just barely long enough (1200GSA) so to get a good grip for the velcro fastener it has to be pulled enough to deform the bag some. And this causes the velcro that holds the cover flap closed to barely be able to grip. Also the phone pocket, it's way too small. Probably fit a flip phone but very few of those left. If your iPhone is not in any kind of case it mat be a tight fit in that pocket, most of the android phones are larger than iPhones these days so no way one of them is going in that little pocket.

    Mojave Joe
    Much improved
    I had the earlier version of this handlebar bag and it was not only not water repellent, it seemed like a water magnet. Plus, the straps were just a tad too short and I always had problems getting the straps to hang tight to the velcro. This version seems to be MUCH better on the waterproof side of things, though I haven't had it in a deluge yet. Nonetheless, when I got the bag, I immediately wet it down and the water just ran off. Also, I don't know whether the straps are really longer than the old version but it seems to strap down much tighter. You will still lose a bit of interior space when you secure it since the fork heads will push the middle in a little, but it still works well. All in all, I like it. Keeps all my little bits right at my fingertips without having to have a big tank bag.

    Good construction; flaws.
    The bag construction is sturdy and fits an iPhone 5 with a Lifeproof case just fine. When it rains, the media-area soaks up the water and because of the plastic cover retains moisture for quite a while--fogging up the screen and keeping the phone damp. The main/side compartments repel water so those are fine for the garage door opener and transponder. HOWEVER, the real problem here is that handlebars are different across models and this is a one-size-fits-all bag. Worse, the four straps are inadequate to retain this bag to the crossbar; on the F650GS, the bag is wider than the gap between the handler rise. Rather than returning the item, I zip-tied it from the carrying strap hooks to the mirrors--it prevents me from easily removing the bag while parked but I don't have to worry about it falling off or fuss with the velcro while riding. I would not purchase this again to go on an F650GS--too many flaws for the price. Thanks for reading.

    Paul Knight
    good bag
    Put this on a new 2014 GSA Liquid Cooled BMW. Fits as expected but does loose some of the internal space because of the design of the BMW. some other stated that the iPhone 5 would not fit and mine does fine,. in fact I have a battery pack on my phone and although it is a tight squeze it fit with the Mophie battery pack on the phone as well. Overall I would purchase again

    Michael Callahan
    Wunderlich Handlebar Bag, Media Edition
    I installed the Handlebar Bag on my '14 GSA upside down from the photo. It fit better that way and, while underway, I can access it easier as the top lays on the tank. I two weeks into a month-long trip and have experienced California "monsoon." The interior of the bag has stayed dry. I'm very satisfied with the bag and glad to be rid of the tank bag.

    Cute bag for on-the-go
    Got it to replace tank bag for my R1200R. Its a bit smaller than I was expecting and if you store the carry strap there is a lot less room. It is well made and fits really well on the bike. The inner shaping plastic piece buckled up and I thought about shortening it but just took it out. Have not used it much since so cant comment on the fit without that extra support/stability. If you carry small stuff it works a treat. I got it to replace my tank bag for daily use to safe scratching the tank (has a nice paint job!) and its OK for that. Less one star for the rather casual velcro closure of the flap/cover and the buckling inside plastic piece.

    Handle Bar Bag
    Fits great on the R12GSA. The phone pocket is sized for small phones without protective covers. Happy customer!

    A mendoza
    Great hbar bag
    Great bag for storing stuff you need quick access to. I really liked the "phone" slot so you can see who is calling or texting, but sliding the phone in/out is a tight fit. Lastly, the weather resistant cutout for cables will not work for an Iphone. Maybe a micro-USB android device.

    David Westfall
    Very convenient storage
    For longer trips I use a tank bag, but for day trips or running around town that can be inconvenient. I am able to put a litany of small items in the Handlebar Bag that keeps them readily available, protected, and easily "portable" when I have to leave the bike unattended. The fit was perfect for my 2006 GS, and the appearance complements the bike, looking like an OEM product. I recommend this item.

    Excellent bag. Very handy!!!

    David Wells
    Handle bar bag
    Excellent fir on my '13 BMW R-1200 WC mounted normal not backward. Plenty of room for 22L tank bag. Used to store wiring for GPS/Weather Antenna and the mass of wiring for my Valentine radar detector audio connections. Waterproof!!! I will never remove it. Great item and half the price of your competition.

    handlebar bag
    It was a tight fit on Adventure, had to wrap flap around crossbar which really holds it in position. Internal clear panel on flap holds my samsung phone pefectly can run WX radar and see it without pulling out phone. Installed USB charger inside. Good product, looks great. Looks better than crossbar pad.

    Wunderlich handlebar bag
    I bought this for my \'13 BMW R1200GSW. It fits very well on the GSW bars in the upside down position. It gives me a place for a tire gauge and pen, and items I need to carry when I don\'t have the panniers on the bike. Very good quality, nothing to complain about. Does not block instrument cluster or Nav. system, key is very reachable.

    Greg T.
    Perfect for small items including transponder
    I ride a 2012 BMW F800R and have 1 year of riding experience (including 4 month of winter/no riding.) This bag is exceptionally well made. The instructions that accompany it are very clear. Watch the associated videos to see how to fit it to the F800R (and other bikes.) Finally, I can carry my transponder and see that it works (and know that it\\\\\\\'s not visible on the bike since I remove this bag when I park the bike.) The transponder is in the \\\\"zippered\\\\" space. There are holders for pens, IDs and a few power bars and a small bottle of water. I will probably keep a small GPS in the bag too. As several have noted, the velcro straps could be longer \\\\"when shipped\\\\" to allow us to cut them down if needed and to fit on bikes with risers. At highway speeds (in excess of 55MPH) with the small wind screen on my bike there\\\\\\\'s no movement of this bag. (When I finally got the bag where I want it to sit...the strap length was not an issue for me.) I have several other bags I experiment with (all larger) and a few I have tried and this is by the highest quality bag I\\\\\\\'ve owned.

    Slava S.
    Great Bag, easy to put on
    Very easy install, just put on and go. Love it

    Danny Mellard
    Good Product
    I like it. Like the 3 bears.. Not to big. Not to small. Just right for my needs.

    Steve Attwood
    Great for bikes with bar backs!
    My 12GS has bar backs, so a typical tank bag wasn\'t an option. With this bag it works great! I get the storage I need while maintaining lock to lock steering capabilities. It Los sits low enough so my Zumo (also mounted on the handle bar) is fully visasable.

    Peter Dobbie
    Bloody Good Item
    Saves having a tank bag, fits well on my 2012 1200gs. A handy bag to put your stuff in and keeps everything dry.

    Perfect size, Perfect fit
    Just what I needed: takes phones, wallet, some pens and misc...It has a long strap so I can get it off the bike easy and take it with me by throwing it over my shoulder. I don\'t notice it when riding and best of all, no tank scratches from a tank bag!

    Almost good
    Well made, now just use my big tank bag for longer trips BUT the velcro straps are a little too short for my 2008 1200GSA. Making the bag fit reduces the available interior space.

    Robert Fournier
    Very Handy Bag
    Purchased about a month ago. Very good quality construction. I use for my wallet,cellphone and I-Pass transponder. More convienent than openning the panniers all the time. Think I will order the matching seatbag for around town w/out panniers...Once again great service from Wunderlich.....

    Daniel Villarreal
    Great Product
    Great Bag, perfect fit and versatility. A must have.

    Second bag different from the first but still handy
    I bought one of these bags for our F650GS and it was so handy I bought one for my F800GS also. Comments about the straps are valid. The newer bags have 2 shorter straps which fit the 650 but not my 800. The older bag has one larger and slightly longer strap that is quite secure. I traded her and she gets the new bag. As others have said very handy for day rides where you just don't need a big tank bag. Fits phone door opener etc nice and neatly.

    Joe Theis
    One great bag!
    Slipped it over the cross bar of my '94 1100 GS, stuffed all the small items I had in my tank bag into it. Bag has plenty of room, lots of well thought out compartments. A real plus for my GS

    Nice bag
    Is really great for holding my cell phone, wallet or sunglasses. The bag is well made and sturdy. Just wish there was a little more length on the outer tabs to make it easier to Velcro 'em in.

    Renato Chanquini
    Nice bag
    well made , high quality , nice space and organized , very practical !!

    Bob McNary
    Totally agree. Does not fit a 2012 R1200GSA
    With the plastic bottom removed it will barely fit but volume is decreased significantly.

    Does not fit 2012 GSA
    The bag will not fit a 2012 GSA. The straps are in the wrong position and not long enough to close around the handlebars.

    A useful bag
    This bag is a great deal. I was searching for a tank bag but couldn't find one that was just the right size. This handlebar bag fit the bill perfectly! Another great benefit to the bag is that it acts like a wind buffer. I found that some of the turbulence experienced on my R1200GS with the stock windscreen has gone away.

    Richard G.
    Good Product with one Issue
    I really like the idea of this bag. It is a convenient place for me to hold my garage door opener, pens, notepad, and other small items. The issue is that the straps are just a little too short. My handle bars are only 7/8" so this is very surprising. It attaches, but just barely. I constantly worry that it will come lose on a rough road. But it hasn't yet. All in all, I like this bag a lot. I just wish the straps were longer. 2012 BMW R1200GS

    Nice Bag but
    It is a well made bbag and a nice desing but it does not work with my bar risers. The straps need to be longer.

    Great bag
    Love it. It is used to charge my cell phones etc.

    Nice alternative to a tank bag
    I like the handle bar bag for an alternative to using a tank bag. It's convenient to have this small storage bag for little items on short rides when a big tank bag isn't necessary. This is especially true when riding dirt roads where standing is required. The tank bag can get in the way. It also gets in the way for fuel stops. The handle bar bag is perfect for stowing the iPod and sunglasses as well as a tire pressure gauge and pens. The handle bar bag fits well and seems to be very well constructed.

    Perfect companion
    This bag is perfect. Cannot imagine not having it. I carry keys, toll passes, wallet...all the stuff that I would try to carry in my front pockets. And i can easily access it with gloves on.

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