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Liqui Moly LM50 Bearing Grease 400g
    Purchase Liqui Moly LM50 Bearing Grease 400g
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      Liqui Moly LM50 Bearing Grease 400g

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    Liqui Moly LM50 Bearing Grease 400g

    This is the grease that we recommend for wheel bearings.

    Squeeze-stable, water resistant, oxidation and corrosion resistant high performance lithium complex soap grease. Can be used everywhere. Guarantees very good wear protection and high-pressure absorbance capacity.


    • Universal use
    • Reduces friction and wear
    • High load-carrying capacity
    • Stable to ageing
    • Protects against corrosion
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Economical to use

    Complies with the certification for grease in accordance with DIN 51502: KP2P-30

    Used for lubricating high-load bearing, plain bearings and roller bearings such as release bearings, clutches and wheel hubs or grease-lubricated industrial transmissions.

    Supplied in a 400 gram tube that can be used with most grease guns and some bearing packers.


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    Liquid Moly LM50 Bearing Grease
    This is a good quality bearing grease with many applications on your motorcycle. Depending on how many wheel bearings you are packing this tube will last a long time.
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