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FERTAN - Tank Restoration Kit

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      FERTAN - Tank Restoration Kit

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    FERTAN - Tank Restoration Kit

    Fuel Tank Repair Kit:
    • Cleaner: Cleans tank from dirt oil and other residues
    • Rust converter: Complete rust removal
    • 2-K tank sealer: Coating to protect a tank against corrosion.
      • Resistant against fuel, ethanol, oil and a lot of other chemicals
      • Suitable for all tank types (e.g. motorcycle, automobile, boat)
    • Cleaner: 32 oz.
    • Rust Converter: 8 oz.
    • 2-part tank sealer: 15 oz.
    • The fuel tank repair kit is sufficient to remove the rust and protect a tank up to 5 gallons

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    Andre Cote
    Verified Buyer
    Works wonders!
    I’ve use the fertan tank kit on an 1974 R90/6 that was sitting in a barn for 35 years. I was a bit discouraged discovering that about 1/8 of pure rust was covering the entire insides of the tank. Here’s the steps I’ve done to completely bring the tanks as new: 1-solvents to clean the old fuel and crust 2-I poured the fertan solvant with 100 drywall screw and shook it for half an hour in every possible angles 3-remove the screws with a magnetized rod And pressure washed the tank 4-used fertan rust remover for as per instructions, then pressure rinced again 5-used fertan rust converter as prescribed, rinced and dried fully 6-build a setup using a cardboard box to which I ductTapped a fan in preparation for the final step (epoxy) 7- mixed the epoxy 2 component for several minutes until super fluid 8- poured the fertan epoxy mix in the fully dryer tank and moved in every directions to ensure full coverage. 9- taped the fan setup so air can flow through the filler opening and had it run for 5 hours. 10- let the tank dry for a day. Voila

    Joe McGraw
    A time machine in a box for rusty '72 tank
    This stuff is just plain awesome. The instructions are clear, the stuff just works great. Couple tips: Before you start, fill the tank with a big jug of white vinegar for a couple days, repositioning the tank every 2x a day to work all surfaces. Flush that out with water & blow out the remaining grey/black rust flakes. This gives the Fertran a cleaner based to start its magic. I used a compressor set to 15PSI as a spark-free method to supply the final curing process with the fresh O2 required to complete the chemical reaction.

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