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VAPE R24, 25, 26 12V Ign. & Charge System
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      VAPE R24, 25, 26 12V Ign. & Charge System

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      Caution! Our VAPE R24, 25, 26 12V Ign. & Charge System does not fit all bike models. Please select your bike if you are not sure.


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    VAPE R24, 25, 26 12V Ign. & Charge System

    The VAPE (pronounced VaahPeh) is a top quality, European product that will “modernize” the electrical systems on your classic BMW, providing improved reliability, performance as well as passive and active safety. This set will replace the entire charging and ignition system with reliable, modern components and also upgrade your bike’s electrical system from 6 to 12 Volts.

    This set consists of a complete system including Rotor, Stator, Coil-CDI, Regulator, and other hardware. This D/C system will run head lights, tail lights, turn signals and charge the battery. It is a magnet based alternator with integrated solid state ignition; output at 12V/180W DC. The alternator is brushless and there are no parts to wear out, making this system maintenance free.

    • Rotor with fastening screw
    • Main generator body with pre-asembled Stator coils and cover holder plate
    • Flywheel (rotor)
    • Regulator/Rectifier
    • Electronic advance unit
    • Ignition coil
    • HT cable
    • Switch off relay (only for use in R25, see instructions)
    • Fastening hardware
    The VAPE ignition system is a magneto based generator with integrated, fully electronic ignition. It is equipped with a tiny AC regulator to run lighting equipment, thus eliminating the need to run a battery. VAPE external flywheel type ignitions are an analog type, CDI ignition with 80-100 watts of 12-volt lighting capacity capable of delivering up to 40,000 volts.

    • Does not require changes on crankcase or any other permanent modifications
    • Timing may now be fine tuned without taking rotor off by turning body in long holes
    • Solid state ignition and advance
    • More light output 12V bulbs
    • Reliable ignition with solid spark
    • Improved starting performance, better fuel burning
    • Eliminates points, condenser, centrifugal advance and upgrades the charging system
    • The system is technically capable of running without battery

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The BMW comes with a stock battery ignition, while the new VAPE system offers and improved magneto ignition. The advantage is obvious but there's also a downside and important difference that has to be observed. The kick starter has to be actuated strong and quickly to bring the engine into proper revs. If you actuate it too slow - as it may have been possible with the old battery ignition - it will not start. This is because the magneto has to generate the energy for the spark since it no longer comes from the battery.

    Additional Information:
    • To disengage your rotor, you will need a puller M8x90 (See Related Products, Part: 8871114 )
    • To remove the VAPE rotor, you will need Puller 999979900 (See Related Products)
    • Please do not use any spark amplifying cables, this will disturb the system and possibly damage it
    • Do not use spark plugs with an internal suppression resistor (e.g. spark plugs coded with an "R" for resistor)
    • You will either need a 12 volt battery or you have the option driving without a battery
    • Remember to change those 6 Volt bulbs with 12 volt bulbs (See Related Products), and install a 12V horn
    • Regarding the headlight, you can simply replace the original 6 Volt headlight bulb with a BA20D 12 Volt bulb or, you can upgrade your headlight components to H4!



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